Coastal Rowing For Recreation

Coastal rowing is a sport on the up and relitively new to New Zealand! Apart from the extra fitness that you gain from rowing on the open sea, you also get a unique opportunity to experience something new! A coastal rowing boat lets you see the ocean and nature in the form of an adventure you would never get to experience otherwise!

Coastal rowing is the ideal way to refresh your mind and body through an activity that allows you to escape and connect. You will escape the busy, noisy clutter of life. You will escape from your responsibilities for a while. You can connect with other rowers, friends, and family. You will connect with nature. Most importantly, rowing allows you the opportunity to re-connect with yourself.

Peace of mind

Open water rowing relieves stress and allows you the opportunity to remove yourself from the world around you, to connect to the calm and quiet of the sea, and to meditate through the rhythmic, repetitive motion of your stroke. Feel the power of your body, regulate your breathing, fill your mind and spirit with the calm that comes from low impact exercise combined with nature and the healing benefits of being outdoors.

Commune with nature

All your senses can be expanded through outdoor recreation. Enjoy the scenery and sounds on the water. Feel the clean air as it fills your lungs. Let the warm sun provide you with the vitamin D your body needs. Remove yourself from the constraints of technology and discover the vast and valuable resources outside and explore some vast and beautiful coastlands of New Zealand.

Have an open water adventure

Whether your idea of an adventure is an hour alone, away from the demands of life and work, or a longer, more organised trip that involves meals, maps, and motivation – rowing is the perfect solution.

The attractive sport of coastal rowing has become ever more popular internationally: it develops physical well-being and is exhilarating. It is also more easily and quickly learnt than Olympic rowing/flat water rowing, probably due to the stability and robustness of coastal rowing equipment. But knowing how to handle a coastal rowing boat isn’t sufficient to become a good coastal rower. Crews must be aware of tides and currents, learn about the course’s topography and know what to do in the midst of maritime traffic and in case of bad weather. Rowers should be able to swim at least 25 metres and always have a life jacket at hand.

If you are interested to have a go or see whats happening in your area please contact Lorraine mb: (021) 136-3381 or Rod Trott mb: (027) 208-3201

Groups or Corporate Rowing

We all know Rowing is the ultimate metaphor for teamwork and with no experience necessary coastal rowing can offer the ultimate team experience to create a fun challenge that can be customarily built to suit your needs and helps build relationships.

Please contact Lorraine mb: (021) 136-3381